Full service computer repairs.

This is for PCs running windows only (no MACs, sorry - there are however many general problems even with those, that I may well have solutions to.  So if everyone else has given up, I just may have what you need even with those.  Computers are, after all, pretty much the same in many ways.)

Actually the reason why most people with Macs have fewer problems than people with PCs is, because Macs have many fewer capabilities than PCs (less software available due to proprietary restrictions by Apple).  The more things equipment can accomplish, the more chances for problems, including pilot error!

Personally I like having more capabilities, rather than less chances for error.  If you only drive your car, but never use any of its peripherals, like radio, power windows and air conditioning, then the things you never use will never cause you a problem. In fact you won't even know if they are operational or not.  Make sense?

We specialize in your most frustrating virus (and operational) problems.

Your computer has slowed down and/or crashes often. 
Some programs shut down as soon as you open them.
Your browsers won't even open.

Here is why your anti virus software doesn't do its job

You use Norton's® or McAfees® and they show everything is copacetic. 
But it really isn't...

Before you do this


YOU need our help!

If we don't fix that problem, you get your money back!

Of course you can always try one of the repair shops first,
that can't fix your computer but keep your money anyway...
Good luck!  (You'll need it).

I have heard oodles of stories like that.  There are not too many computer techs that really know what's going on.  But then I have found that in all trades and professions only 20% of the practitioners know what they are doing, and they get 80% of the business.  If you get one of the 80% incompetents, I feel sorry for you.  And they are out there at a 4:1 ratio, which gives you a good chance of ending up with one of those.

I, myself, have 35 years of hands on experience.  Yes, I bought AND built
my first computer 4 years before IBM came out with their 'PC'.
I have fixed all my own, my family's, friend's and acquaintance's computers, for many years.
Finally someone said, why don't you sell your services, since you are sooo good.
Hmmm, not a bad idea!

If I can't find a solution, I don't know, nor have, anyone else to go to.
And all MY computers are running just fine, thank you.  Smiley

We can help with many software issues, but are also ready to tackle hardware problems.
Depending on your handiness with a screw driver, we may be able to give you instructions on what to do, or if a more involved issue, we can do hands on repairs at our facility.
 With those, the computer (desktops only!) will have to be shipped to us (only after we
have discussed this and we have given you an RMA number).

Case      Open case

Many virus problems are caused due to the very common use of either Norton's® or
McAfees® anti virus programs.  These, being the most widely used, are being circum-
vented by many virus writers, so that they become unable to detect  viruses created
by them.  This is why we use an almost unknown anti virus program, which then easily
finds these viruses and deletes them.  You'll be given this program on a 30 day free trial.  Once you have tried it for 30 days and find that it is everything we say it is you can get a one year version easily as we'll explain to you.

That alone will save you $28.00 over the regular renewal price, the savings of
which for just one year pays over half our fee.  And you can repeat those saving,
year after year after year.
I have and do!

We hear repeatedly from people we help, how

surprised they are when this little known program often
finds 1,000s of viruses, where
Norton's® and McAfees® found none.  Problem solved.

No reformatting your disc, no re-installing your programs, no losing data.
And once your virus(es) is (are) gone, we'll show you how you can get a full year's
protection, including daily updates, for under $20.00.

Payment to tackle your problem can be paid through PayPal® via your credit card.
This also will give you additional assurance that everything will be handled
professionally (since this gives you recourse).

We can also get onto your PC via the internet with the help of a program we
would email to you.  Then while we talk to you on the phone, you can watch
us working on your PC. 

This last feature ONLY works if you have a broadband connection -
and the problem isn't one that keeps you OFF the Internet,!


To get that virus (or other problem) out of your hair, you'll only pay $49.95
That takes care of this most common problem and usually takes about 30 minutes.
For more involved problems, which we would inform you of at the time, we charge $80.00/hour.  All of course with the same money back guaranty.
And if we can't solve it (don't count heavily on that possibility!), ;-)
you'll get your money back.

  For more information (and payment instructions), email us:

Click on the envelope.

We are presently offering a new service.  We can now turn all your paper documents
(invoices, bills, quotations, etc. etc.)
into digital copies, for a very reasonable price. 

For additional information:  Your documents made into digital files