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The underlined script titles are links to secondary webpages, containing about 15 to 20 pages of that manuscript.

Romance Fiction.


One hasn't got all I want!

© 2004 Matuschka


            This is a Novel (also available in a German translation)  about a Bavarian/American San Francisco girl in
            search of the man who is everything to her. In her search, she learns the combination of dream boy, charmingly                     elegant party companion, high libido bedmate and affluent provider is impossible to find. She finally does
            catch the attention of one who appears to be that elusive ideal match. In travels to Europe to friends and family
            she gets acquainted with some amazing and disturbing facts about the past of her catch.  The man of her dreams
            is more than she bargained for.


War Fiction.

Robin with German machine gun '42.

Enemy Combatant - novel

Enemy Combatant - filmscript
California boy trapped in Nazi Germany. 

2004 Matuschka


            At the beginning of WW II, Robin, a twelve year old boy from California, gets trapped in Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
            He is on the run from the Gestapo. When his mother gets killed by the commies, he goes to the Russian front
            to kill commies.  He is wounded when shooting up their tanks. At the hospital Hitler pins a medal on him.
            Returning to the German infantry unit from the hospital he finds himself on the Western front. Robin frees
            a group of concentration camp inmates and falls in love with one of them. When a German soldier shoots a
            GI POW Robin makes a quick transition, he literally destroys the German SS man with his machine gun. When                     Elisabeth, his girl, is wounded by friendly fire he gets a Viennese paratrooper to help drive her to an American
            field hospital.



Science Fiction.

IddiKlu and David

IddiKlu, Iddiklu's ship and David.


Earth's First Galactic citizen.

© 2004 Matuschka


            David, an eight year old California boy is kidnapped by Iddi Klu, an alien ET. He is conscripted to help repair
            the alien’s space vessel. After a week he is freed by Iddi and gets a finder’s fee which consists of an account in
            the galactic bank and a galactic citizenship. The alien technology, which is part of his new galactic status, gives
            his life a sudden and devastating turn. His citizenship brings deadly serious danger to his country. When all
            seems lost, he finds new friends who have the final solution to his problems; which is time travel. He runs into
            a new problem when he returns to an earlier time; how will he explain it to his dad and his mom?



Einstein's relativity theory used.
Short story.

© 2004 Matuschka


            An Earth explorer space vessel and its crew have lost their way in the far reaches of the galaxy. While they
            try to find their way home to Earth, Homana a female of an intergalactic specie that walks through folded
            space, visits them. She leaves after a short romantic interlude with an officer of the Terran spacecraft. Two
            weeks later, while they are trespassing in bellicose space, the now seven year old son of Homana, a product
            of the romance, returns to meet his father. The fact those seven years passed for the boy and his mother on
            a planet while only two weeks have passed in the multiple light speed Earth craft is a surprise for the Earth
            crew. Inadvertently, advanced technology of Homana’s people secretly implanted in the father saves them
            from certain extinction with a technology that had never before been seen by them.


Get Rich Fiction.



The good life.

© 2004 Matuschka


            It is about a drastic change of lifestyle that happens to a newly rich American wage slave. Peter gets a large
            settlement when hurt in an accident in downtown San Francisco. After he walks out of the hospital, now on
            two crutches, he runs into Rubin the high roller whose life he saved, because of the collision that has crippled
            Peter. Rubin takes him under his wings and makes him a partner in his financial deals. Millions shared with
            Rubin propel him from a medium salary to riches. It takes time and help from friends to adjust and cope with
            his new friends and their lifestyle, not the least of which is the effort to let go of old habits. It is a struggle to
            pay more than a former year’s salary of his old life for a watch.    


Adventure Fiction.



An escape under very perilous conditions.

© 2004 Matuschka


            When Freddy, who spent years smuggling East German’s to freedom, finds out his cousin has gone to
            East Germany
to smuggle out their cousin Gabi, he is shocked.  Freddy, more than anyone, knows the near
            zero odds on which an inexperienced man gambles in such a dangerous venture. With huge misgivings he
            follows his cousin’s trail to stop this rescue from ending in his death or imprisonment in the communist
            eastern state. As soon as he crosses the border, an
US agent, whose cover has been blown, follows him,
            adding to the risk of failure with his life and freedom added. When all three cousins and the
US agent
            succeed and escape, the East German counterintelligence sends a team to the west to kill them.



A situation evolving into the unexpected.
Short story - filmscript.

© 2004 Matuschka


            This micro budget script shows how an innocent American restaurant guest foils the assassination of an
            ambassador by a group of terrorists. When the gunfire wounded body guard’s weapon drops from his
            hand in front of the innocent bystander, the retired senior stops chewing for the few seconds it takes him
            to use the bodyguard's gun to stop the assailants dead in their tracks. Police interviews of guests and staff show vastly
            different stories in replay, especially since the bystander has taken his sandwich and left, since he feels the
            restaurant is not a quiet enough place for his good digestion.


 Baby with old eyes

© 2004 Matuschka

     Memories of one man going back to his first year of life and his perception of his surroundings from that perspective.

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